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Her Story

as a young girl, regina would get lost in books & drawing, & there found a place of inspiration to cultivate her artistic ideas. she first fell in love with photography during her middle school years. she went out shooting film & was awarded for one of her action shots. she discovered a deep connection with the rhythm of timing & emotion that makes for truly evocative photography.

fascinated by the wonder of language, using words & images to untangle life & tell a story pair her ability to capture & articulate. she has great compassion & hope as she engages deeply to document stories & images. her collection of work is a story of a life becoming & a life in motion. much of her framed work is one of a kind. her brand is uniquely her.

if there is a particularly defining characteristic about regina as a human being & artist, it is God. created to Creator, she is sparked in a way that makes her all lit up inside. the way she processes the world is inspired by the creation she takes in each & every day. expressing through the arts has long since been a means to find & fashion her way, & ultimately become.

regina studied french & finance during her undergraduate years & has taken classes towards a masters in counseling psychology. she is always having zany ideas so she works on being brave & wise every single day.

she is curious, unique, filled with a child-like wonder & grateful. she truly does Love pizza. she has branded her creativity under her pen name & family nickname, regina joans.

she likes to create out of impossibility.


missional community

redemption from the rubble. stories re-written.

healing happens when the broken is let out.

do right. seek justice. defend the oppressed. take up the cause of the least of these.

limbs + branches

creation speaks a wonder to me i just never want to mislay.

the heavens declare the glory of God & the skies proclaim the work of His hands. / psalm 19:1

i frequently tramped 8 or 10 miles through the deepest snow to keep an appointment with a beech-tree, or a yellow birch, or an old acquaintance among the pines. / thoreau


fall in love with these romeos + julliets.

once my heart was captured,reason was shown the door, deliberately & with a sort of frantic joy i accepted everything, i believed everything, without struggle, without suffering, without regret, without false shame. how can one blush for what one adores. / george sand

la vie à paris

gertrude stein once said, america is my home and paris is my home town.

dreamy & enchanting, in paris i fell in love.

avoir le courage pour les grandes douleurs de la vie et la patience pour les petites; et quand vous avez laborieusement accompli votre journal charger, aller dormir dans la paix. Dieu est éveillé. / victor hugo


people, parties & moments. intimately documenting the honest marvels of day to day life.

seeing the miraculous in the common.

standing in the tension of the beautiful mess.

you don’t take a photography, you make it. / ansel adams

near & far

anywhere & everywhere.

to explore & discover is to open your eyes anew & afresh to a world with hidden treasures galore.

throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. catch the trade winds in your sails. explore. dream. discover. / mark twain



Exhibitions & Contact


wayne arts festival: june 2009 / wayne, pa

south tower art gallery: november 2009 / west palm beach, fl

south tower art gallery: march 2010 / west palm beach, fl

brew urban café: april 2010 / ft. lauderdale, fl

ross gallery of art: may 2010 / west palm beach, fl the gryphon café: june 2010 / wayne, pa burlap + bean: february 2011 / newtown square, pa 3rd street gallery: february 2011 / philadelphia, pa


lifestyle + editorial photography

i look forward to collaborating & naturally capturing your event/personality. i approach each shoot documenting details + emotion that uniquely reflect you.

galleries + boutiques

i am currently showing my travel + outdoor fine art photography. boutique placements are creatively one of a kind. please be in touch!


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